Job at Hewlett- Packard

Job at Hewlett- Packard

Innleggav lahansen » tor 06.10.2005 16:31


It's no secret if I find a norweigen person who would like to come to Dublin in Ireland and work, I woud get a small bonus, and I know the guys allready here need some help ;)

Here is the job description


Job description
The objective of the Technical Support Analyst is to resolve remote users IT problems. The Technical Support Analyst (TSA) responds to both internal and external tehnical competent clients needing technical support. Contacts reach the analyst via telephone, call handling systems, e-mail and/or fax.

The main responsibilities will be:
To give high level technical support through information gathering, analytical trouble shooting and problem research.

• Logs and validates incoming contacts on the call handling system as required.
• Resolves customer issues using the tools and systems available.
• Completes follow-on actions as appropriate, e.g. dispatch materials, send communications, escalate problems.
• Retains ownership of each case until problem is resolved or resolution is identified.
• Observes strict compliance to licensing, copyright and trademark legislation.
• Protects confidential, sensitive information and materials.
• Accomplishes other duties as required.

S/he is customer oriented, enthusiastic, courteous, assertive, and motivated to take charge of both customer engagement and problem resolution.

S/he is capable of being self-managed, a team player, quality conscious, flexible and eager to share and acquire knowledge.

S/he has excellent customer, telephone, oral and written communications skills.

Technical requirements:
A suitable candidate must demonstrate good working knowledge of Server technologies and at least on of the operating systems used in Server environments and be able to explain in detail at least two of the hardware categories and master at least one of the operating system environments listed below.

S/he also has a good understanding of all of the following items, i.e. knows what they are and what they are used for.

Hardware Software
Clustering Technologies Windows NT Server
Industry Standard Servers Windows 2000
Fiberchannel Novell Netware and Intranetware
RAID technologies SCO Unix, Unixware or Linux
Mass Storage and Backup Devices Excellent knowledge of networking
Multiple Network Interface Cards protocols like TCP/IP, NetBEUI and
Ethernet and Token Ring topologies SPX/IPX
Local Area Network technologies
Various High-Availability and
Redundancy features used in Wintel
Repeating, Switching and Routing
Remote Management Hardware

HP/Compaq Branded Software – Installation and troubleshooting
• Bios – Firmware update
• Insight Manager/Nimbus
• Secure Path

A minimum of 3 years experience in IT, remote support experience is preferable.

Fluency in English is mandatory (reading comprehension, written, spoken)
Norwegian as native language


If anyone is interested or know anybody who is interested please send CV to lahansen [ at ] then i will forward your CV internaly.

PS: The tax over here is 20% ;)
Offlicence open almost all night and Beers are cheap.. :)
I heard compaired to norway, the prices are cheaper. :D


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Innleggav ak » tor 06.10.2005 17:39

Thank you for being upfront about the comission. Just curious, what is your affiliation with the company, are you a current employee?

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Innleggav lahansen » tor 06.10.2005 18:08


Yes I work there my self in the Danish team, it's a employee thing with the bonus, cause the norwegian team need more staff...

Interested? ;)
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Innleggav ak » tor 06.10.2005 22:04

Interesting recruiting policy, not dumb at all. I'm in grad school right now and probably will be for another while, at least until june.

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